Honors & Awards

Recipient, Lauds & Laurels, Distinguished Alumni Award, University of California, Irvine (2012)

Keynote Speaker, Ras-Like GTPases and Tumor Suppressors: Are We Ready For Translation? Tel Aviv, Israel (2012)

Keynote Speaker, Fayetteville State University-SPIRE Cancer Symposium (2011)

Keynote Speaker, Mayo Clinic Graduate Student Retreat (2011)

Recipient, Hyman L. Battle Distinguished Cancer Research Award (2011)

Keynote Speaker, 16th International AEK Cancer Congress, Düsseldorf, Germany (2011)

Keynote Speaker, International Symposium on RASSF Family of Tumor Suppressor Proteins, Calgary, Canada (2009)

Keynote Speaker, Annual Cancer Center Retreat, Wake Forest University (2009)

Organizer, Cold Spring Harbor/Banbury Lustgarten KRAS Think Tank, Cold Spring Harbor, NY (2008)

Keynote Speaker, Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Korea, Jeju Island, Korea (2008)

Co-Organizer, Lustgarten/AACR Pancreatic Cancer Meeting, Chapel Hill, NC (2006)

Sarah Graham Kenan Distinguished Professorship (2006)

Keynote Speaker, FASEB Summer Research Conference, Saxton River, VT (2006)

Co-Chair, CNIO Cancer Conference, Madrid, Spain (2003)

Co-Organizer, Annual Oncogene Meeting, Frederick, MD (2003)

Keynote Speaker, MIT/Neurofibromatosis Foundation Consortium Meeting, Cambridge, MA (1999)

Organizer, NIEHS Symposium on Small GTPases and Cancer, Research Triangle Park, NC (1998)

Keynote Speaker, First Mark Roth Memorial Lecture, Ann Arbor, MI (1997)

Co-Chair, FASEB Summer Research Conference, Saxton River, VT (1991)

Recipient, American Cancer Society Faculty Research Award (1990-1995)

Recipient, NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship (1985-86)

Recipient, Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Postdoctoral Fellowship (1983-85)


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